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Article: Dragon Fruit Protein Ice Cream

Dragon Fruit Protein Ice Cream

This Dragon Fruit Protein Ice Cream is made with our Dragon Fruit Collagen Protein and makes for the perfect post-workout treat! 

Serving Size: 1 Ninja Creami Container

Servings Per Container: 1

Macros: 30g Protein | 5g Fat | 15g Carbs | 285 calories

Watch our recipe being made on Instagram here.


2 scoops Dragonfruit Collagen Protein

12 oz water

4oz 2% milk

2 tbsp greek yogurt (lactose free)

1 tsp sour cream


  1. Prep in a blender bottle, mix all the liquids and collagen protein. It may help to use a blender here to thoroughly mix.
  2. In container of choice, freeze overnight. (If using ninja cremi, this should fill right to the line)!
  3. Blend with Ninja Creami or enjoy as is!
This is the BARE minimum to get an ice cream texture. These flavor profiles produce a tartier taste that complement the Dragon Fruit collagen really well! If you want a more milkier taste, consider using full fat versions of the dairy products.


With love and all things boba,

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