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Article: The Best Way To Serve Boba Tea Protein Drinks

The Best Way To Serve Boba Tea Protein Drinks

Unlike other brands, I personally developed every single Boba Tea Protein drink from the ground up. This means that I can tell you EXACTLY how I intended for the drinks to be served.

Watch our drinks in action on TikTok here!

View instructions for cooking and storing tapioca pearls here!

The Best Way

We'll start with the simple, but most đặc biệt (special) way to serve our drinks that will just light up your taste buds!

The key step is using 2 parts milk to 1 part water as this is the best ratio I've found to serve my drinks! (ex: 8oz milk to 4oz water; ~10oz milk to ~6oz water)

Step one

Add 1 serving (100g cooked) of tapioca pearls and ice to a cup.

Step two

Add 8oz of your choice of milk.

For the taro and matcha, I prefer unsweetened almond milk.

For the Classic Milk Tea, I prefer oat milk or barista edition oat milk.

Step three

Add 4oz of water and slightly less than 1 scoop of Boba Tea Protein into a shaker cup and shake vigorously.

Make sure to shake hard to ensure a smooth and creamy texture.

Step four

Pour over the ice and tapioca pearls slowly and enjoy!

The "On The Go" Way

If you're just wanting a quick shake to drink on-the-go with tapioca, I have two recommendations.


Using 2 parts milk to 1 part water as mentioned above.

(ex: 8oz milk to 4oz water; ~10oz milk to ~6oz water)



Use no more than 10-12oz of water, as the flavor starts to dilute at this point.

Changing Sweetness Levels

If you are wanting less sweetness in your drinks, you can do two things.


Use a milk with more fat (like whole milk or 2%) to decrease sweetness or use a milk with less fat (like skim milk, sweetened almond milk, or oat milk) to increase sweetness.

If a milk has more fat, this means it will have less lactose (sugar) per serving making it a less-sweet milk.

If a milk has less fat, this means it will have more lactose (sugar) per serving making it a sweeter milk.


Lastly, you can also use more water in relation to milk.
I recommend playing with a 1:1 milk to water ratio to start to decrease sweetness or use only milk to increase sweetness!

Feel free to play around with these recommendations and find what's right for you!

With love and all things boba,

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