We Are Not Your Every Day Protein Shake

Hello, fellow boba lovers! Neil here.

My drinks taste good... really good.

In fact, I made them specifically to be the opposite of your high consumption protein powders.

Your 2-4 scoops of protein/day powders are cheap, very low on flavor, and do the bare minimum to help you reach your protein macros.

Our protein drinks are meant to serve as the absolute best healthy alternative to going out and buying a sugary cup of boba.

It’s a nice healthy treat to enjoy post-workout once a day or every other day!

That being said, nobody will judge you for drinking 4 drinks in one day! That’s the beauty of what we offer.


Real ingredients.

0 sugar.

23-25g of protein.

Savor the flavor and “treat yo self!”

With love and all things boba,