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Truly Grass Fed Verified™

The Truly Grass Fed Verified™ Difference

Being Truly Grass Fed Verified™ means sourcing from small family farmers in Ireland that represent the highest industry standards of quality, animal welfare, environmental consciousness, and taste.

The quality of treatment results in the most nutrient-rich milk that is significantly higher in omega fatty acids, beta-carotene, and CLAs.

The taste is a rich, more desirable taste than other similar products.

This difference is achieved in 5 key ways.

A Nutritious Diet

Truly Grass Fed cows feast on a diet of 95% grass and little bit of clover year round.

The remaining 5% are additional dietary supplements to increase nutrition during key points of the year such as during late gestation and early lactation.

Compassionately Treated

Small family farms means that each cow is treated with much more care and attention individually.

If a cow gets sick and requires an antibiotic because of the sickness, then the cow will be administered an antibiotic and its milk is removed from the supply. After the cow recovers from the illness and its milk is cleared of any antibiotics, it returns to life as normal and its milk is added back to the supply.

No Unnecessary Treatments

Truly Grass Fed cows are never given any growth hormones or milk-producing hormones, and a dedicated veterinarian guides all suppliers on aspects of animal health and welfare.

The cows are also rBST-free.

Roaming With Plenty Of Space

Truly Grass Fed cows live how nature intended: outside and free to roam!

Each farm has an average of 2 acres to 1 cow. 

The cows spend an average of 250 days per year outside (taking into account inclement weather days and winter seasons). For the majority of the year, they bask in the luscious Irish climate and graze in fields of nutritious green grass.

Small Herds

The average herd size is 100 cows. This gives each cow more individual attention and care that every cow deserves.

Perfect Temperatures & Weather

Too hot or too cold is a rarity in Ireland. Temperatures range from 40-50 degrees Fahrenheit (4-10 Celsius) in winter and 60-70 degrees Fahrenheit (16-21 Celsius) in summer, allowing cows to graze for most of the year.

Ireland also receives plentiful amounts of rain year round which means that Truly Grass Fed Verified™  farms do not use carbon-emitting mechanical irrigation.

Independently Certified

Truly Grass Fed Verified™ is certified by an independent non-profit group called AGW (A Greener World).

This organization certifies those who meet standards for animal welfare, outdoor access, and sustainability.

Comprehensive standards can be found here:

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