Our Classic•Taro•Matcha Pre-Order Launch

Hi, Boba Friends!

We are doing another pre-order, but we're doing it a LIIIITLE differently this time...


In the past, our pre-orders would take months to deliver, however, with having all of our raw goods here already, we are set to deliver all of your orders in just a few weeks from today!

This is why we are launching another pre-order next week on Thursday, April 28th @ 11 AM CST where you can finally get your hands on some Boba Tea Protein!

Two Things:

  1. The pre-order will be capped, meaning there is limited inventory available for pre-orders. This means that the pre-orders could "sell out."
  2. We are only doing Classic, Taro, and Matcha wheys this time; Thai Tea and Viet Coffee will come later!

You can watch the video below to watch me explain 👇


@bobateaprotein Pre-orders launching next Thursday, April 28th @ 11AM CST 🥳🚀 #boba #milktea #gymtok #fittok #protein #fyp ♬ original sound - Boba Tea Protein



With love and all things boba,