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Article: Graphic Designer / Content Editor

Graphic Designer / Content Editor

Job Description


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***If you're from out of the state, please use this cost of living calculator so you understand the kind of salary we are offering.***


Ideally, the person we hire has all of the qualities we list below, but we understand this may not be possible. The more qualities you have listed, the more compensation we will offer.

Salary is negotiable. Let us know what you think we need + how much we should pay you if you feel like you are 100% worth it to the business and we may bite.

Salary Range: $45,000-$65,000
+ Health benefits
+ Free products
+ Free gym membership


Hello, interested candidates! I’m Neil, the owner of Boba Tea Protein!

We are in search of a Graphic Designer / Content Editor to join our creative team and help us amplify our creative projects!

We are a fast(ish) growing start-up who's currently a team of 7 and will be doubling our team throughout the year.


The person we are looking to hire is most likely either someone who is looking to break away from the typical agency mold or has a great desire to be the 8th personnel in a start-up where the idea of having a bit more creative freedom and influence on the creative side of the business excites you.

This person's greatest professional assets are below.

  1. Is an expert content creator and content strategist capable of producing / shooting and editing any of the photography and videography currently on our Instagram and more.
  2. Capable of shooting and editing any of the content that's currently on our TikTok with the same quality and better.
  3. Is already passionate about boba, fitness, anime, and Asian culture that you can draw inspiration from, or at least can prove that you're capable of being able to quickly dive into and fully understand a certain creative direction that I or we are going for.
  4. Knows the ins and outs of relevant equipment and can advise on the "best" version or the "budget" version of a piece of equipment to produce the piece of desired content.
  5. At least understands the basics of lighting to capture some lifestyle or product photos similar to these: Link 1 | Link 2 | Link 3

Would be a great bonus if...

  1. You are fluent in a second language (currently looking for Japanese or Mandarin).

In general, this person is highly-motivated to join our team/mission and can see themselves THRIVING in this role for years to come. They should also be naturally very organized, and love making sure things happen on time and efficiently. This person should rarely need to be "managed" as they take ownership of their work.


The team is very ambitious, but relaxed interpersonally while also being very industrious in what we’re trying to achieve. We are influencing the entire boba industry to become a little healthier, and it is no easy task. We are looking for someone to add to the team that will hit the ground running and sink their teeth into projects asap. This person will execute their responsibilities fully and thrive in an environment that both gives a lot of freedom, but has a lot of responsibility.

We are a highly-motivated team that is mentally prepared to tackle the goals we've set for ourselves, and you need to be as well.

Currently the team is structured as follows:

Neil* - Owner / Founder, Product Development, Sales / Marketing, Creative Direction, Ops, Customer Service

Klair* - Supply Chain & Financial Controller, Ops

Dena - Art Director, Creative Direction

Skunja - Influencer Marketing Coordinator

Justine - Art Director

Grace - Social Media Associate

Ivan - Customer Service Representative

YOU - Graphic Designer / content Editor

*Neil & Klair are married and have been together for over 13 years. ^_^

Job Type

Full-time, regular.


Will be hybrid work local to Carrollton, TX (very close to Dallas, TX), but will come on-site a lot more often in the beginning for any onboarding.

Financial assistance for relocation may be available depending on candidate.

Additionally, there may be some weeks where you need to come in every day depending on the scope of a launch or systems needing to be built, but on slower weeks, expect to come in 2-4 days.

We are currently in Carrollton, TX in a 6,000 sq ft office space.

Job Title

Depends on skills experience, but Graphic Designer or Content Editor is a good start. Open for discussion.

Experience & Degree Requirements

No hard requirements - prove to us you got what we want and you will be in serious consideration for hire.

Although there are no hard requirements, having at least 6-12 months of experience will be a major bonus.

Really understanding / having an obsession (or having a period of obsession in the past) with boba, the fitness industry, Asian culture, and creative work are paramount.

Below is some of the experience we may be looking for:

  1. A track record of creating engaging video content and some photo content mainly for Instagram, YouTube, TikTok, and Reels.
  2. Experience with video production equipment, including but not limited to video, photo and lighting equipment.
  3. Experience with storyboarding or scripting some videos.
  4. Experience with coordinating with others to make sure all content gets published on time.


Must-have skills in priority order

  1. Photo editing and photo capturing skills.

  2. Video capturing and editing skills including but not limited to...
    1. Working with a camera to capture video and photos.
    2. Lighting
    3. Staying up-to-date on the best videography practices and equipment innovations relevant to our work.
    4. Being able to make story-driven content and "entertaining" content that's not necessarily driven as hard by a story.
    5. Some things this person may take inspiration from may be anime / K-Pop edits, prolific videographers (like Nabil El Hamdaoui, Matt Komo, and Sam Kolder), and also video game edits (kind of like this video)

  3. Proficient in the Adobe Suite
    In order of priority.
    • Photoshop / Illustrator
    • Premiere Pro / after Effects
    • InDesign

  4. Naturally organized

Ancillary skills that would be a good bonus if you have experience with them already:

  1. Being able to navigate all social channels fairly thoroughly.
  2. CRMs (like Clickup, Asana,

    What you’ll bring to the team

    1. Experience isn't required, however, having at least 6-12 months of relevant experience would be helpful.
    2. You have the desire and preference to work in a start-up environment where having extreme pull in the direction of the content side of the brand, having the ability to be mostly autonomous, and having the ability to take ownership of the entire content side of the brand excites you.
    3. You are very organized and are a good communicator.
    4. You have a passion for brand growth through connecting with our audience with content creation and are naturally ambitious. When we present an opportunity to take content to the next level, you become near-obsessed with the excitement to finally be able to achieve more.
    5. You have a strong curiosity and the ability to deal with ambiguity.
    6. You take pride in your craft and have a hunger to continue to grow as an individual.
    7. You have the experience and/or knowledge to be able to create / manage more production-heavy content if/when the company scales to that level.
    8. You are down to do “anything.” You understand that being the 8th member of a fast-growing start-up means there is potential that you will be asked to do many “random” tasks that may or may not relate directly to your job description / job title and you are perfectly ok with this.
    9. You’re willing to learn new things on the job, and to give and receive feedback.
    10. I will always be respectful of your time, but there may be windows of time where a campaign requires more hours than normal and you are ok with working the extra hours. I will give you back your time the following week.


    Ideally, the person we hire has all of the qualities we list below, but we understand this may not be possible. The more qualities you have listed, the more compensation we will offer.

    Salary is negotiable. Let us know what you think we need + how much we should pay you if you feel like you are 100% worth it to the business and we may bite.

    Salary Range: $45,000-$65,000
    + Health benefits
    + Free products
    + Free gym membership


    1. 80 hours (10 days) vacation PTO annually
    2. 48 (6 days) hours sick days PTO annually
    3. Standard National Holidays PTO
    4. Free Boba Tea Protein
    5. Gym membership stipend

    *All benefits are non-contractual, and Boba Tea Protein may amend, terminate, or enhance the benefits provided to you and our other employees from time to time as it deems appropriate.



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