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Article: Customer Service Representative

Customer Service Representative



Apply here:


Salary Range: $40,000-$50,000k + Health benefits.

Depending on the candidate, we may choose to make this role a contract-to-hire role with the contract period being approximately 3 months.


Our 6,000 sq ft office is located in Carrollton, TX where hybrid work will be required as you'll need to be on-site frequently to coordinate ongoing and bigger projects with the marketing team. Depending on launch scope or system-building needs, there may be weeks requiring daily presence, while slower weeks may only need 1-4 days on-site. 

Financial assistance for relocation is not available for this role.


Hello, prospective candidates! I'm Neil, the owner of Boba Tea Protein. We're currently an ambitious yet relaxed 11-person team, passionately striving to make the boba industry a little healthier. Our mission is no small feat, and we're searching for someone who understands fitness, sports nutrition / wellness powdered supplements, and Asian culture to join our customer service team!

In short, we're looking for your archetypal "gym bro" who can do customer service work to join the team.


As a Customer Service Representative of Boba Tea Protein, you will need to come with a good amount of knowledge of sports nutrition supplements such as...

  • Differences between whey protein isolate and whey protein concentrate
  • What a pre-workout is
  • How many grams of protein per day you need when on a regular lifting regimen.
  • Etc.

Your primary responsibilities will revolve around making sure all customer touch points are responded to in an uplifting, informative, and timely manner.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Come into the job with a solid foundational knowledge sports nutrition and wellness powdered supplements.
  • Respond to inbound customer inquiries through email, social media DMs, and social media comments.
  • Assist with anything that the marketing or ops team may need assistance with such as, but not limited to, packing boxes, building set designs, various errands, etc.
  • Be enthusiastic to participate in our TikToks by either actually being in them as a character or filming if necessary.

Experience and Key Skills:

  • Knowledge of sports nutrition / wellness powdered supplements.
  • Uplifting, friendly, and humorous personality.
  • Able to type fast.
  • Google Suite (Google Docs, Google Sheets, Google Forms, Google Slides, etc)
  • No prior customer service experience required, but very much preferred.

Team Overview: We're a highly-motivated group, mentally prepared to tackle our ambitious 2024 goals. Here's a glimpse of our marketing team structure:

  • Neil* - Owner / Founder, Brand Manager
  • Dena - Art Director
  • Justine - Art Director
  • Ivan - Customer Service Rep
  • YOU - Customer Service Rep


  • No degree required.

If you're ready to make a healthy difference in a beloved industry and thrive in a startup atmosphere, we invite you to join our team of boba enthusiasts. Apply now to be a key player in our mission to take Boba Tea Protein to new heights and beyond!


  • 80 hours (10 days) vacation PTO annually
  • 48 (6 days) hours sick days PTO annually
  • 10 company holidays PTO
  • Free Boba Tea Protein
  • Gym membership stipend

*All benefits are non-contractual, and Boba Tea Protein may amend, terminate, or enhance them as deemed appropriate. If you're ready to contribute to our mission and ensure we achieve our 2024 goals, apply now to be a vital part of our vibrant team!

How to apply:

Apply here

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