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Article: Why We NEED Crowdfunding

Why We NEED Crowdfunding

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Hello, Boba Lovers!

Neil here.

We're in desperate need of crowdfunding.

After considering funding options from investors and loans from banks to be able to hold more inventory, it has become clear to me that crowdfunding directly on our website (and NOT Kickstarter) is the best route for us.

Investors I spoke with wanted to change the vision I had for my brand,

banks have insane interest rates,

and Kickstarter takes an 8% cut of funds raised.

With the product that I have developed and for all of the reasons that we need crowdfunding, we are hoping to raise AT LEAST $250,000 in crowdfunding.

Here's why...

Why We Need Crowdfunding


If you've been with us from the beginning, you've experienced us selling out immediately in our first two launches.

With crowdfunding, you'll be able to pre-order your drinks AND help us fund additional inventory to do launches at least once a month!


I currently house all of our inventory in multiple, climate-controlled storage units.

We have largely outgrown this type of storage and have found a perfect 5,000 square foot warehouse that comes with exactly what we need:

  1. Loading docks
  2. HVAC
  3. Office space
  4. and most importantly... WAREHOUSE SPACE!


If you did not know, it's currently a one-man show back here.

Meaning, I do EVERYTHING and I love doing it all...

But now I need help.

My first 3 types of hires will be...

  1. Director of operations
  2. Warehouse workers
  3. Creative art director


I've funded this project entirely by myself and have been without a salary since November 2019.

My wife has been supporting my livelihood as I used whatever money I had to pay the minimums on my student loans and to R&D and produce my drinks.

I think it's about time I give myself a normal salary and we would also need the funds to hire employees to continue to bring the healthiest boba to your taste buds.


A successful campaign will mean that we can bring our drinks into the hands of every boba drinker in the world.

We can bring health to an extremely unhealthy industry, but we can NOT do it without you.

Support our campaign here and SPREAD THE WORD that a healthy and wholesome boba drink is finally here!


With love and all things boba,

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