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Welcome To Our First Launch!

Hi! I'm Neil Hoang and I am the founder of Boba Tea Protein.

I started this project with a clear goal in mind: 

Make The Healthiest Boba Tea In The Most Authentic Way Possible

I am proud to say we did just that.

With only natural ingredients sourced directly from ethical farms and tasting just like the drinks you know and love, we are making your health and fitness a little more fun!

We’re not  your cheap, 2-4 scoops/day protein powder, but a healthy treat to enjoy post-workout once/day or every other day. That being said, nobody will judge you for drinking 4 drinks in one day! That’s the beauty of what we offer.

Savor every sip and enjoy being able to finally stay healthy and get your boba fix!


With love and all things boba,

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