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Mandarin-fluent Influencer Manager / Customer Service Representative

Job Description

To apply for this position now, click this link 👉


*This is currently the only job position available.


Hello, interested candidates! I’m Neil, the owner of Boba Tea Protein. We are in search of an extroverted influencer manager / CSR fluent in both Mandarin (can speak Mandarin, but read and write in simplified Chinese) and English whose responsibility will be to do everything I currently do for the customer experience and influencer side of the business, but better. This person should be passionate about boba and enjoys living a healthy lifestyle.

Most importantly, this person is naturally very empathetic with customers and can always understand where people are coming from and are never unfairly frustrated with a customer. They understand that developing a good customer experience process revolves around finding solutions that makes sense for both the business and the customer and that there is virtually always a reasonable solution to every customer inquiry.

This person is the type of person that naturally enjoys speaking with lots of people and may even often search for new friends to hang out with.

This person should be naturally very organized and loves making sure things happen on time and efficiently, especially when it comes to responding to customers in a timely manner and making sure influencers are coordinated with in a timely manner.

This person should also naturally enjoy assisting people in finding solutions that work for both the customer and the business.

Additionally, this person should be able to do mostly task-based assignments while also being able to self-manage project-based assignments given to them. The projects would entail building out some systems revolving around customer experience and influencer management.

This position has a good chance for upward mobility if the company grows large enough to hire either a Customer Experience Specialist or a Social Media Manager. If either of those positions sounds like something you may be interested in the future, then this job may be a good stepping stone for you to attain those higher positions.

Lastly, there are many scenarios where being fluent in Mandarin will be very useful for us, so wherever/whenever we encounter those situations, you will help us there as well.


We are currently a 3-person team looking to add a fourth! ^_^ The company is very relaxed interpersonally while also being very industrious in what we’re trying to achieve. We are influencing the entire boba industry to become a little healthier, and it is no easy task. We are looking for someone to add to the team that is looking for something to sink their teeth into and wants to be a part of this mission and will execute their responsibilities fully.

Currently the team is structured as follows:

Neil* - Owner / Founder, Product Development, Sales / Marketing, Creative Direction, Ops, Customer Service

Klair* - Supply Chain & Financial Controller, Operations Coordinator

Dena - Art Director, Creative Direction, Sales / Marketing

YOU - Customer Service Representative, Influencer Manager

*Neil & Klair are married and have been together for over 12 years. ^_^

Job Type

Contract-to-hire full-time.

This means the candidate we choose to hire will start as a contractor for the first 3 to 4 months (paid at the agreed upon salary rate; length will be determined during interview) and if we are both satisfied in our compatibility, we will hire you full-time at the end of the time period.


Will be hybrid work, but will come on-site a lot more often in the beginning for training. Additionally, there may be week some weeks where you need to come in every day depending on the scope of a launch or systems needing to be built.

Must be willing to live in the Dallas, TX (currently in Frisco, TX right now) area and relocate if/when we have a more “official” company HQ (would be in the DFW, TX area).

Financial assistance for moving may be available depending on distance and needs.

Job Title

Depending on skills experience, either Customer Service Representative or Customer Experience Specialist / Influencer Manager

Experience & Degree Requirements

No hard requirements - prove to us you got what we want and you will be in serious consideration for hire.

Some “bonus points” will be if you’ve been a bobarista and/or you’re really into fitness/have been a personal trainer before.


*We understand somebody applying for this position may not have any experience and may never have been fully-trained in these skills. If you are fluent in English and Mandarin and you are an organized people-person, then still consider applying even if you are not fully-trained in the skills below. We’ll help you if you do not have the skills, but you at least need to have the right foundation for us to build on.

Must-have skills in priority order

  1. Customer service skills / people skills
  2. Influencer managing skills
  3. Community management skills
  4. Fluent in Mandarin and English
  5. Fast typist
  6. Naturally organized

Ancillary skills that would be a good bonus if you have experience with them already.

  1. Shopify
  2. Gorgias
  3. Social Media Managing
  4. Adobe Photoshop
  5. Adobe Illustrator
  6. Content creation / ideation

What you will be doing

  1. Responding to customer service inquiries.
  2. Communicating with influencers and making sure relationships with influencers are properly maintained before, during, and after campaigns.
  3. Managing the Boba Tea Protein Community on all social channels.
  4. Assisting with anything that requires either reading, writing, or speaking Mandarin.
  5. Assisting with developing our customer service structure, community management structure, and influencer campaigns.

*Chance of upward mobility if tasks and systems mastered, but there are no guarantees.

What you’ll bring to the team

  1. You are extremely extroverted, friendly, and are not afraid to speak to anyone because you can communicate clearly and have great people skills.
  2. You have a great desire to work in a start-up environment especially in a company that is at the forefront of making a healthy difference in a beloved industry.
  3. You are down to do “anything.” You understand that being the 4th member of a fast-growing start-up means there is potential that you will be asked to do many “random” tasks that may or may not relate directly to your job description and you are perfectly ok with this.
  4. I will always be respectful of your time, but there may be windows of time where a campaign requires more hours than normal and you are ok with working the extra hours. I will give you back your time the following week.


Ideally, the person we hire has all of the qualities we listed above, but we understand this may not be possible. The more qualities you have listed above, the more compensation we will offer.

Salary is negotiable. Let us know what you think we need + how much we should pay you if you feel like you are 100% worth it to the business and we may bite.

Salary Range: $40,000-60,000

+ Health benefits once officially hired (after the contract-to-hire period)


  1. 80 hours (10 days) vacation PTO annually
  2. 48 (6 days) hours sick days PTO annually
  3. Standard National Holidays PTO
  4. Free Boba Tea Protein
  5. Gym membership stipend

*All benefits are non-contractual, and Boba Tea Protein may amend, terminate, or enhance the benefits provided to you and our other employees from time to time as it deems appropriate.