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Multidisciplinary Creative - (Art Director / Graphic Designer / Videographer)

*the multidisciplinary creative position is the only role available at this time.

Hi, my name is Neil Hoang, the founder and creator of Boba Tea Protein.

When I started Boba Tea Protein, I did literally everything there was to do for the company for the first year including the creative work without prior creative experience. From being resourceful with my photo “studio”, directing a crowdfunding video for our campaign, and developing a functional organic social media strategy (on top of all product development, supply chain, and financial responsibilities), I did it all in a very scrappy way and will operate this way when necessary. Although we’re just starting to outgrow the need to be scrappy, Boba Tea Protein will likely still be in the start-up phase for the next 2-3 years and there will be many times we will still need to simply get things done when timelines become tight and stakes escalate. There will certainly be times, especially around launches, that we may need to clock in substantial hours, but I will do my best to let that all fall on me before it falls on you. My goal is to actually never let it fall on you, but I do not believe this will be 100% possible at the current stage of the company.

In short, the person we are looking to bring into the team to become the third arm of a 3-person company is a multidisciplinary creative that will be doing everything that I currently do for the creative side of business, but better and with an equal emphasis on video skills, product photography skills, and feeling comfortable being in front of a camera often.

Ideally, they will also have some (if not a lot of) knowledge in how to manage and execute the creative side of the business if we grow to a point where we need to hire a full-time creative team.

This person should also have a great understanding of emerging trends in youth culture (15-28 years old) and will continue to be able to keep a pulse on that.

This person is probably either someone who is looking to break away from the typical design agency mold or has a great desire to be the third personnel in a start-up where the idea of having a bit more creative freedom and influence on the creative side of the business excites you. This person also ENJOYS getting their hands dirty by literally doing / generating all things visual for Boba Tea Protein in cooperation with me (Neil, the owner).

Additionally, my hope is that this person is a charismatic personality on camera, as I am hoping to tag team or even offload all responsibilities regarding optimizing and generating TikTok content.

This person is business minded, meaning they understand that, especially for a start-up, there will occasionally be times when generating content in an efficient manner that is maybe 60%-70% of your best work to fit the timeline is better than to stress every detail and spend more hours than necessary generating your absolute best. However, there will be plenty of times where I would want your absolute best, as there will be plenty of times where we can operate under more “normal” timelines.

My ultimate mission with Boba Tea Protein is to bridge the gap between the boba and fitness industries and the person for this position is someone who fully understands (or even better, has lived) the visual nuances between both industries; has a creative mind that often spins new ideas that will help the brand find its “voice and style;” upgrade and produce all of our content by combining / using visual and copywriting elements representative of the fitness, boba, and beverage industries; and has the necessary skills and autonomous personality to execute.

If this sounds exactly like who you are, sounds like what you're looking for, and you are ready to be the third arm in a 3-person company, then please click below to read the job details and submit an application.