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Article: Senior Influencer Marketing Manager

Senior Influencer Marketing Manager



Apply here:


Salary Range: $90,000-$110,000 + Health benefits

*If you're from out of the state, please use this cost of living calculator so you understand the kind of salary we are offering. Use "Plano, TX" as the "New City."

Cost of Living Calculator


Our 6,000 sq ft office is located in Carrollton, TX where hybrid work will be required as you'll need to be on-site frequently to coordinate ongoing and bigger projects with the marketing team as well as coordinate and meet with any influencers who we bring to the office. Depending on launch scope or system-building needs, there may be weeks requiring daily presence, while slower weeks may only need 1-4 days on-site. Financial assistance for relocation is available for candidates who are out of state.


Hello, prospective candidates! I'm Neil, the owner of Boba Tea Protein. We're currently an ambitious yet relaxed 11-person team, passionately striving to make the boba industry a little healthier. Our mission is no small feat, and we're searching for someone who works best in a meaningful role, loves to sink their teeth into a mission, and can fully execute their responsibilities while thriving in an environment that rewards constant growth and undertaking of bigger responsibilities.


As a passionate and seasoned Influencer Marketing Manager, your primary responsibility is to strategize and execute influencer marketing tactics to achieve marketing campaign goals across multiple social channels (IG, TikTok, Facebook, etc) and sales channels (website, TikTok Shop, Amazon, brick-and-mortar). You should possess exceptional communication skills, strategic thinking abilities, and a deep understanding of influencer marketing, social media marketing, and in-person activations. Additionally, you will execute on all of these responsibilities while coordinating with the brand manager to ensure we execute in a manner that is on brand.

Key Responsibilities:

  • Strategy Development: develop comprehensive influencer marketing strategies that support overall marketing objectives and brand initiatives while retaining channel profitability.
  • Channel Profitability: managing budgets of all sizes for influencer / partnership-related marketing campaigns in a manner that results in the influencer channel as a whole performs in a profitable manner.
  • Communication: owns all communication across 100s of influencers / partners and our marketing / brand team to make sure everyone is aligned on every campaign.
  • Contract Negotiations: efficiently and effectively negotiate all influencer contracts in a manner that is scalable and in a manner that ensure the influencer / partner we're working with has a great experience with us from activation to exit. This includes the ability to deliver "bad news" in an effective way that retains the integrity of our relationship with the creator.
  • Show a willingness to work in a startup environment, contributing to a dynamic and collaborative workspace including, but not limited to, showing willingness to partake in social content and utilizing any skill you may have that is more refined than anyone else on the team to contribute to the success of the company as a whole.

Experience and Key Skills:

  • Demonstrated expertise in implementing successful influencer marketing strategies for CPG brands or fitness apparel/lifestyle brands, with a proven track record of achievements.
  • While typically seeking candidates with 2-5 years of experience, applicants below and beyond this range can also be considered.
  • Proficient in organizing engaging in-person activations on a consistent basis.
  • Skilled in collaborating with both internal and external marketing teams.
  • Experienced in managing influencer marketing budgets on a monthly basis to ensure channel profitability.
  • Capable of effectively communicating with influencers of varying ages and communication styles by adapting communication methods, actively listening, and adjusting approach for clarity and resonance.
  • Experienced in supervising multiple marketing associates as direct reports.
  • Proficient in using influencer marketing software such as Grin, Upfluence, Klear, etc.
  • Strong ability to reprioritize tasks effectively.
  • Possesses a comprehensive understanding of the role within the broader marketing and brand context.
  • Exhibits a lively, outgoing, and charismatic personality that resonates with influencers.

Team Overview: We're a highly-motivated group, mentally prepared to tackle our ambitious 2024 goals. Here's a glimpse of our marketing team structure:

  • Neil* - Owner / Founder, Brand Manager
  • Dena - Art Director
  • Justine - Art Director
  • Sansing - Influencer Marketing Associate
  • Ivan - Customer Service Rep
  • YOU - Influencer Marketing Manager


  • No degree required.

If you're ready to make a healthy difference in a beloved industry and thrive in a startup atmosphere, we invite you to join our team of boba enthusiasts. Apply now to be a key player in our mission to take Boba Tea Protein to new heights and beyond!


  • 80 hours (10 days) vacation PTO annually
  • 48 (6 days) hours sick days PTO annually
  • Standard National Holidays PTO
  • Free Boba Tea Protein
  • Gym membership stipend

*All benefits are non-contractual, and Boba Tea Protein may amend, terminate, or enhance them as deemed appropriate. If you're ready to contribute to our mission and ensure we achieve our 2024 goals, apply now to be a vital part of our vibrant team!

How to apply:

Apply here

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